Tall Kneeling Shuffle Throw

Attention: Athletes


The tall kneeling shuffle toss is one of my favorite movements because it checks a lot of boxes. It teaches you how to load, explode and rotate. Doing this movement in a tall kneeling position helps you connect your ribs to hips, which is important when you get back on your feet.


Start with your knees shoulder width apart so you feel the push off the inside edge of your knees. Set up at the wall and fix your eyes to one spot. Bend forward, pushing your pockets back towards the wall and bring the medicine ball to the side pocket. Push the ground away with the trail knee and throw towards belly button level. Catch the ball in the start position and repeat!


We do this movement to feel how to generate force from the ground up and learn how to shift force from side to side. This will also help you learn how to separate the lower body from the upper body. A scoop toss brings the ball closer to your center of mass allowing for a harder throw into the wall. The key is to have a good start and finish position. If you’re new to medicine ball work, I recommend starting in a tall kneeling position.

Yours in Performance,

Coach Nicole Rodriguez