Tall Kneeling Chest Pass

Attention: Athletes


The tall kneeling chest pass is a medicine ball movement that can be done at the start or end of your training. If you’ve never done any medicine ball training, start on your knees for 2-3 sessions to help train your brain the movement pattern you want to perform. The move in this video is a movement pattern you’ll perform in the weight room and on the field or court. It’s called a base position. Jumping on your knees helps you feel and practice the position called triple flexion or your base position. Trust me, you’ll be practicing this your whole athletic career and life.


Start in loaded position and hold for 2 seconds before you try to knock down the wall. While you’re holding for 2 seconds, check that your head is slightly in front of your ball (like you’re peeking over a fence). Squeeze the ball for 2 seconds, then push the ground away in your kneeling position. The ball is going to come back quick, if you’re trying to knock the wall over, so be ready to catch it. When you catch it, I want you to drop down to the same position you started in. Try 8 throws for 2 rounds. Then you can jump on your feet for 1 round to see the difference in speed!


We do this drill to practice moving fast out of your base position. The bonus of practicing on your knees is that your hips, abs and shoulders get to talk to each other without getting interrupted by your bigger muscles or momentum. Oh, and if you have a lower body tweak  that’s keeping you on the bench or sideline, try some of these movements to keep you fresh. The only rule is: If it hurts don’t do it. We also do these if we are warming up for bench press or push ups days. The reason I share these tips with you is because you’ll often be training by yourself and we want you to have cool points, but we also want you be great at the simple things. Manage yourself….

Yours in Performance

- Coach Nicole Rodriguez