Plyo Prep 2 to 2

Attention: Athletes 


If you play a field or court sport, chances are you do a lot of deceleration (slowing your body down). You can add this 2 to 2 stopping drill during or after your warm up to help practice the action of deceleration. This will also help with more complex plyometrics movements later on. (See next week’s video, CM Jump for distance)


Start by imagining, “You attack the ground”. Stand tall with your hands above your chest and your heels off the ground. Quickly drop your body down and attack the ground as if you’re making a shoe print in the sand! If done fast enough, your shoes will lose contact with the ground as you drop down. Hold for 1-2 seconds in a strong base position and repeat. To make this more rhythmic, you can add a pogo at the start position and then drop. To start, simply add in 2 sets of 5 drops before you jump on the field or court.


We do this movement to prepare you for stop and go action. By adding some overload to your legs, your body gets a “heads ups” that you are about to start moving fast. It also helps reminds your body how to put the brakes on, so you can quickly switch and accelerate.

Yours in Performance,

Coach Nicole Rodriguez