CM Jump →

Attention: Athletes


Last week we covered a plyo prep drill called 2 to 2 that you can add in before you start practice or a game. This week we’ll look at the CM Jump for distance. Similar to the 2 to 2 drill, we’ll focus on putting the brakes on during landing. This one will have much more load as your body is flying forward and not just straight down.


Start by standing tall with your hands up. From there drop down and throw your hands back, which will put you in a forward lean. Push the ground behind you and explode out. The key is to put the brakes on when you land. The start and finish position should feel similar to the drill you tired last week.Why?We do this drill to practice deceleration while your body is flying forward. It can certainly be done to practice being explosive (push), but we want to make sure we are training the brakes to do their job, so we can change direction better. Try 2 sets of 4 CM Jumps for distance to work on the deceleration (brakes) and 2 sets of 4 reps to work on the acceleration (push).

Yours in Performance,

Coach Nicole Rodriguez