Base Position Chest Pass

Attention: Athletes


The Base Position Chest Pass is a movement that can focus on both the lower body and upper body. If you want an explosive upper body movement, I would do these throws one rep at a time as sharp as possible. If you want to work on coordination and reactive strength, I would perform 6-10 reps in a row, linking the reps and finding your rhythm. To train balance in a base position, get low and fire the ball through the wall resisting movement from the lower body. Remember to feel the inside edges of your shoes.


Start in a base position. This is a position you should feel strong and balanced in. Usually you’re in a ¼ squat with your feet shoulder width apart. Start with the ball at the chest. Hold for 2 secs, pushing the inside edges of your shoes into the ground and squeezing the ball. From there, push the ball through the wall and catch, staying in your start position. The goal is to throw and catch the ball while keeping the lower body in a steady base position. To make this more dynamic, start standing and load to throw. You’ll try and catch the ball in the standing position.


We add this one when we want to be explosive with the upper body and to train a strong base position, trying to throw your body off balance with the force of the ball. This movement can be great for beginners or for those who need to limit rotation, but still want to move fast.

Yours in Performance,

Coach Nicole Rodriguez